Pure, Clean USP Nicotine

offers pure USP liquid nicotine, produced in the USA, that exceeds the highest production standards for vapor and e-juice products. Our products are manufactured in our FDA-compliant facility under stringent United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards.

AmeriNic only produces pure USP nicotine—clean, clear and odorless.

We package our nicotine in 6-liter, 12-liter and 35-liter UN1654 drums. Each product is sealed under a nitrogen blanket to ensure freshness, and is refrigerated until it is shipped to our customers.

We pride ourselves on quality and consistency. AmeriNic USP nicotine is produced in the USA at our extraction and purification facility in Merry Hill, North Carolina. The facility operates under current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) to produce USP nicotine that is consistent from batch to batch. Each batch is tested to ensure that it exceeds USP standards and comes with a certificate of analysis from an independent, certified laboratory.

Our customers say our products meet or exceed their quality standards for purity, color and odor. AmeriNic works to ensure availability of supply, and we are able to ship quickly. Our facility has scalable capacity to meet customer demand. We maintain a reserve inventory and are ready with an ample supply to meet the unique needs of our customers.